Game Experiment Update #7

Couple of changes. Firstly the yellow dude has got the first iteration of a brain, previously he was following the same rules as the ghosts. Now he tries to plan a human-like route, preferably taking routes which allow have pills to pick up. I’ve added a little debug route highlighter so i can visualise the decisions. Theres plenty of bugs in this and lots of places to improve it, but the basic framework of decision making is starting to take form, and a quick and dirty A* path finder can handle most situations, im going to need.

Secondly the junction arrows can now be swiped to activate them in a given direction. This feels really nice on tablets. The stay highlighted for a short time. Eventually this will form the core of the gameplay, which should start to emerge on the next update.

2 comments on “Game Experiment Update #7

  1. Patricia Curtis on said:

    Too many arrows or the objects re moving too fast. as it makes it a little hard to get the pacman, but its great for work in progress!

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