Game Experiment Update #10

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Experimenting with a little better AI on the puck. In this example the game speed is increased so I can better track the AI, and the ghosts are on a almost random path (unless you try and take control!). The path to be followed is rendered on screen for debugging, and will be green(ish) when hunting pills and red when fleeing. The algorithm is still fairly basic, and currently does not calculate a real distance from ghosts when deciding the threat level which leads to some very stupid mistakes.

The horrible purple rendering is the result of playing with a toon shader on the maze walls. I would like the maze to just be outlined and glowing, but my maze mesh is far from optimised, and the artefacts come from the result of using cube primitives to construct each segment. A far more optimised builder will construct a mesh from scratch based on the maze layout and cull unneeded vertices. I’m not quite sure how the shader will cope with some of the cases, so I’ve added a follow script to the main camera so I can track down these glitches in the mesh builder.

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