Game Experiment Update #7

Couple of changes. Firstly the yellow dude has got the first iteration of a brain, previously he was following the same rules as the ghosts. Now he tries to plan a human-like route, preferably taking routes which allow have pills to pick up. I’ve added a little debug route highlighter so i can visualise the decisions. Theres plenty of bugs in this and lots of places to improve it, but the basic framework of decision making is starting to take form, and a quick and dirty A* path finder can handle most situations, im going to need.

Secondly the junction arrows can now be swiped to activate them in a given direction. This feels really nice on tablets. The stay highlighted for a short time. Eventually this will form the core of the gameplay, which should start to emerge on the next update.

Game Experiment Update #5

This is just a quick prototype to see if my gameplay idea is going to be fun. Because of this im not worrying too much on how things look, everything is just using default bits and bobs from unity. Here i’ve added a horrible particle default particle effect… pretty ugly but lets me see something visual happening in game… Plenty off time to pretty it up if i like the basic idea…