Towards automatic mobile asset creation via Marmalade SDK and Flash

We don’t use Adobe Air to produce game son mobile devices, we use the excellent Marmalade SDK.  However I work with a lot of Flash creative, so integrating Flash content into my mobile workflow has been on my mind a lot recently.  Ive got two main use cases:

1)  Flash as an illustration and animation tool

2) Flash as a UI layer

Tackling them in reverse order;

2) UI Layer – for this ive begun work on porting GameSwf library to Marmalade.  As you probably know Gameswf is the public domain c++ swf  library which spawned Scaleform on consoles and Gnash on linux.  Ive currenttly got it compiling and rendering SWF contents directly in Marmalade (and thus on iOS , android, playbook etc) .  Really I need to add a layer above it now to do truly useful work with it.

1) Flash as an animation tool.  The idea is to use Flashes (quite good) animation tools to create vector based animation.  Next we need to convert the animation frames to sprite sheets (Atlas Textures).  This is fairly trivial a good online tool exists form PixelVison.  However with Marmalade there’s a few more steps to make this truly automatic.

1) Generate PNG and XML description

2) Generate Marmalade Group files

3) Generate Container ALL Group

4) Generate compressed textures based on PNG’s in multiple formats for different GPU architectures

5) Generate Maramalde derbh scripts to package up the binary data as compressed file systems

The next few posts will take a look at this process and see how close we can get to a truly automated work-flow.